The company management and the management team have developed this concept in order to secure operations. All activities are based on the corporate philosophy 

The company’s slogan – health & happiness– is accompanied by the following values:

  • partnership 
  • reliability
  • honesty
  • friendliness
  • helpfulness
  • economic efficiency
  • sustainability


Aim of the protection concept

Preparation for resuming operations of the companies belonging to the Toskanaworld group.

Presentation of the content in the following structure:

  • Preamble and principles of conduct 
  • Establishment of hygiene commissions for the individual residences
  • Protection concepts of the individual companies, structured according to the departments


  • Toskanaworld administration
  • Hotel an der Therme Bad Orb
  • Toskana Therme Bad Orb
  • Hotel Zum Ritter Fulda
  • Hotel Resort Schloss Auerstedt
  • Hotel an der Therme Bad Sulza
  • Toskana Therme Bad Sulza
  • Klinikzentrum Bad Sulza
  • Hotel Elbresidenz an der Therme Bad Schandau
  • Toskana Therme Bad Schandau 



The health and the security of our guests and employees have the highest priority for our company. With this protection concept we want to present the measures we would like to apply in order to reopen our business units, hotels, thermal baths and rehabilitation clinic.

Our protection concept is based on our longtime experience and the companies philosophy as well as the recommendations of the relevant professional associations. All measures are developed by the management team and will be implemented together with the employees. Updates will always be taken into account.


Protection of our guests

Additional hand disinfection options in the guest sanitary areas, disinfectant dispenser will be placed in all areas were washing your hands is not possible (e.g. entry and exit area). 

Carrying out an existing obligation to wear medical-grade mouth and nose protection where this is necessary. 

Analog or digital registration of contact details for tracking possible chains of infection

Requirement to present evidence of a negative COVID-19 test or proof of recovery/vaccination according to official regulations

Regulated safety distance between the guests and the employees. 

The guests will be informed about the necessary behavior and the preventive measures by notices and are asked to comply. 

The number of visitors is limited according to the applicable guidelines. 

Reinforcement of the daily cleaning team: abbreviated cleaning routines and ongoing disinfection of the surfaces (especially on grip surfaces).

We have always attached great importance to maintaining the highest possible level of cleanliness and hygiene. This is also anchored in our company philosophy: Our guests can only relax and feel good if everything is perfectly clean and hygienic.


Protection of employees

Hygiene protection walls made of plexiglas in all checkout areas and on the reception desks.

Disinfectants and opportunities to wash hands in the immediate vicinity.

Possibility/requirement of corona tests according to official regulation

Duty to wear a medical-grade mouth and nose protection mask if necessary additional protective gloves for employees in departments where its appropriate (e.g. Service). 

Regulated safety distance for guests, other employees as well as suppliers and external service providers

Division of the employees in smaller groups to reduce contacts. 

Enlargement of the shift system also in departments where it is unusual to work in shifts (e.g. accounting) to reduce the amount of contacts. 

As far as possible create the opportunity to work from home if it is viable. 

Obligation for employees to stay away from work if they show any symptoms of illness.


Protection of the company

The published restrictions in the various areas must be adhered to.

Restrictions in the offers are possible in order to meet the requirements of the current situation. 

The allocation of employees must be carefully planned and increased accordingly if necessary, e.g. following the increase of the number of guests.

Partial self-service and self-service should be used increasingly. 

The hygiene measures implemented to protect all guests and employees result in a dynamic adjustment of the price level in order to guarantee the profitability of the company.

Marketing and sales activities to promote the company will be increasingly implemented 

Corporate communication of the company both internally and externally is continued.


General principles 

Maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meter between and among the employees, between and among the guests as well as between guests and employees. This is guaranteed by suitable measures such as markings and signs. This ensures that there is a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people in public.

Mouth and nose protection must be worn in public areas by employees and guests, especially when the minimum distance of 1.5 meter cannot be guaranteed. The staff is committed to wear the mask also in the service area with body contact. In addition, protective measures will be used for direct and unavoidable contact e.g. signs, masks and protective walls made of plexiglas especially in the check-out areas and at the reception desks.

Visitor and customer control by adjusting opening hours and opening modalities, such as allocation of appointments and compliance with minimum distances, the formation/accumulation of large groups is avoided. 

Suitable measures such as admission controls ensure that the number of people who are present in restaurants or common areas at the same time remains limited. This is especially valid for concentrated areas. The limiting of the number of present people per room/area is based on current professional recommendations for the relevant area of the company. Wherever possible, we use our ticket and reservation systems to control access.

Registration of contact details of our guests by using analog or digital tools in order to identify possible chains of infection in cooperation with the local authorities. All privacy and data protection aspects are taken into account.

Requirement that guests present evidence of a negative COVID-19 test according to official regulations. Vaccinated and recovered persons with valid proof are treated like persons with a negative test.


Establishment of the Coronavirus Hygiene Commission

Members Toskanaworld-group:

  • General Manager: Christian Lohmann +49 3 64 61 9 20 20
  • Residence Manager Bad Orb: Ilka Pavlovic +49 6 05 2 88 140
  • Residence Manager Fulda: Michaela Geyer +49 66 1 250 800
  • Residence Manager Auerstedt: Kati Reinhardt +49 3 64 61 87 76 2
  • Residence Manager Bad Sulza: Susanne Wündsch +49 3 64 61 9 10 10 
  • Administrator Klinikzentrum Bad Sulza: Mark Förste +49 3 64 61 9 20 21
  • Residence Manager Bad Schandau: Axel Hausmann +49 3 50 22 54 0 
  • Head of Central Services: Heike Schäfers-Gurski +49 3 64 61 9 20 01


Members Residence Bad Orb: 

  • Residence Manager Ilka Pavlovic    
  • Assistant Residence Management
  • Kitchen Manager  
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Wellnesspark Management
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Technical Management
  • Team Leader Cash Desk
  • Team Leader Pool Attendant


Members Residence Fulda: 

  • Residence Manager Michaela Geyer
  • Deputy Reception Manager
  • Technical Manager


Members Residence Auerstedt: 

  • Residence Manager Kati Reinhardt          
  • Deputy Restaurant Manager
  • Team Leader breakfast
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Deputy Kitchen Manager
  • Housekeeping
  • Technical Manager


Members Residence Bad Sulza: 

  • Residence Manager Susanne Wündsch
  • Assistance Residence Management
  • F & B Management
  • Reception Manager
  • Wellnesspark Manager
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Technical Manager
  • Team Leader Cash Desk  


Members Klinikzentrum Bad Sulza: 

  • Administrator Mark Förste                            
  • Medical doctor responsible for hygiene Dr. med. Annegret Irle           
  • Deputy Administrative Management
  • Chief medical doctor pulmonology
  • Deputy chief doctor orthopedics
  • Head of dermatology deparment
  • Head of psychology department
  • Patients management
  • Quality management
  • Nursing management
  • Head of physiotherapy
  • Head of MTT


Members Residence Bad Schandau: 

  • Residence Manager Axel Hausmann           
  • Assistance Manager Toskana Therme
  • Hotel management
  • Assistance hotel management
  • Reception Manager
  • Head of Wellnesspark
  • Head of housekeeping
  • Kitchen Manager  
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Technical Manager hotel
  • Team Leader check-out
  • Team Leader pool attendant  


Hygiene concept Toskanaworld administration

Workplace design according to the recommendations of the employers' liability insurance association and the Ministry of Health.

Adjusted working hours.

Adjusted break regulations.

Regulated toilet use.

Preferential use of electronic communication.

Possibility to work from home.

Possibility to conduct COVID-19 tests


Hygiene concept of Toskanaworld residences

Bad Orb | Fulda | Auerstedt | Bad Sulza | Bad Schandau

  • For guests, rehabilitation patients and employees
  • Subdivided by departments
  • The concepts are deposited in writing at the respective location for inspection
  • Can be sent electronically at the request of an authority


Instruction of the employees

The employees are instructed by the department heads about these concepts for each company. 

The respective content for other departments is included accordingly.

The instruction is carried out on record  

A) before commencing work

B) carried out in a regular rhythm of 4 weeks.

Updates will be included accordingly.

*The instructions on file are to be kept in Residence Management and in the personnel file.



The company motto health & happiness is at the center of our actions.

We exercise mindfulness at all times.

Common sense will also let us make the right decisions about short-term events.

This overall concept will be an important and good basis for the work in the coming months and will ensure that the Toskanaworld group, with all guests and committed employees, will live through this time of crisis as a successful company in the service sector.