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It is a fact that medicine and wellness work together, hand in hand. Those who feel well through and through are more resistant to illness – and recover more quickly. The Toskanaworld Medical Spa Clinic (TMSC), Klinikzentrum Bad Sulza (KBS), is built on a natural salt spring which is integrated into the holistic and multidisciplinary treatments that are offered.

By combining medical applications with naturopathic approaches focusing on the patient’s entire system - as opposed to treating an isolated condition -, it is possible to heal more thoroughly. The purpose of the KBS  is to obtain a complete view of both the patient and the illness in order to to discover the roots of the ailment by looking more closely at the relationship between emotions, behavior patterns, and the illness. In the long run, the patients learn to manage their illness in order to be able to live more fully.

Under the skilful supervision of Dr. Annegret Mueller and the interdisciplinary professional team at the KBS, you will be guided through a personalized wellness programme designed to bring you back to a wholesome life even after you leave the clinic (Click on Therapies on the menu to the left to learn more). 



Klinikzentrum Bad Sulza specializes in treating both chronic and acute conditions in the following areas:

  • Skin conditions - primarily psoriasis vulgaris and eczema.
  • Respiratory conditions - primarily asthma and chronic bronchitis.
  • Orthopaedic and joint conditions - primarily arthritis.
  • Psychological disturbances such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. These often accompany other forms of illness.

In 2011, a quality management system was successfully installed and re-verified in 2017, resulting in KBS’ being rewarded a certification in Quality Management for Rehabilitation.  

See therapy for further information on all these areas.


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