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Auerstedt castle

Discoveries in Auerstedt.

In the heart of Germany, everything is close at hand:

Weimar, the city of German Classicism; Naumburg with its famous 800 year old cathedral, the bellcasting town of Apolda with its fashion and art scene … explore the surroundings from Auerstedt!


  Where Napoleon triumphed. 

Welcome to Auerstedt in the heart of the Tuscany of the East!

In autumn 1806, when the Napoleonic troops under Marshall Davout triumphed over the Saxon and Prussian armies, Auerstedt Castle was used as the headquarters of the Prussian command. Your visit will be considerably more comfortable than that of the Duke of Braunschweig: enjoy modern, spacious apartments, the natural water pool and the many opportunities to meet up. Feast in the Museum Café and Restaurant Reinhardt’s im Schloss and admire the historic coaches and carriages and the exhibition of rural life in the Museum...

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